How much does a new pc cost in 2022

How much for a new pc? Often times you may find yourself weighing the cost of a pc repair for a laptop screen or other repair vs just Purchasing a new laptop The average price of a new pc, is one of the most searched terms in 2021 because it is so important in these current times. The average cost generally costs between $300 and $1500 depending on your needs. It's also important to understand the lifespan of a desktop computer. The more you know about your current laptop and your potentially new computer, the better you can understand the benefits of a new computer. So let's get into it.

What is your new 2023 PC for?

How much does a new computer cost? As mentioned prior, your new computer can range anywhere from $300 to $1500.00. The most helpful thing you can do for yourself if you are looking to invest in a new computer is to ask yourself what you will be doing with your new computer.

Calculating costs

Average price of a new PC in 2023

In general the average price for a new computer truly varies by what you will be using your new computer for. It can vary by hundreds depending on your industry and what you will be doing with it. In general you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 - $1500. While most new computer owners will only be spending about $150 - $700, as we get more into depth in what a new computer owner will be using their computer for we can start to explain the vast variations of prices below.

The average price of a new PC for Software Engineers (2023)

The average price of a new computer for programmers can vary quite a bit. A new programmer can use a simple laptop like The one we offer here. This is because a new programmer will most likely not be running as much software or as many programs as once as a more experienced programmer.

As an experienced programmer/ Computer Repair specialists, I can tell you from experience that the computer you use when you start to learn programming will be completely different then the computer you will need once you become more experienced. Especially as a front end developer. Front end developers use quite a bit more power in their computers then backend developers usually tend to use. As the programs used generally take up less Random Access memory for the front end developer.

That's not to say that most front end developers also work on the backend or vise versa. It's just that programmers who want to focus mostly on backend, won't be editing ../images in figma, or using photoshop, affinity photo, or editing videos as many front end developers often do. Especially if they are developing their own products. So understanding exactly what approach you are using as a developer can greatly change the cost of your new computer as a beginner programmer.

A more experienced programmer will likely be spending 800 - 2500 or so on a new computer, as a more experienced developer needs more power to be more productive and will have more clients or work coming in whether it is personal projects or not. This means they will need more power and a more reliable computer. The same also goes for content creators, photographers, video editors and other professions that require a bit more power.

student thinking about school

How much does a new computer cost for school?

This is a somewhat loaded question because like the sub heading above, it largely depends on where you are in your education. A student in k-6 will more then likely be fine on a lower end machine, that could cost anywhere from 100-400 as they most likely won't need as much storage, Ram or processing speed as a developer or a photographer.

Your child's new computer will probably have a decent lifespan for a desktop or laptop computer and will likely last several years. A lower end computer is very much suggested for younger students as they are just more likely to damage these sorts of devices.

That being said if your little one needs a new computer for school, they can Check out our laptops made specifically for students.

Our highly affordable, easy to use and pleasantly fast laptop is perfect for the student writing essays, surfing the web and doing other school related tasks.

If your students need something with a bit more power then they would fair fine with new computer in the 500-700 dollar range. This range is generally more for gamers on a budget and stem students who need a bit more power for editing videos, opening lots of tab in chrome for research, or working on game creation or other types of development of image heavy rendering in their stem classes.

gaming controller

How much does a new gaming PC cost in 2023?

If you are just looking for a new computer in 2021 for gaming, there are a few things you need to understand. The first thing is the price of gaming computers vary immensely based on power, design, upgradability and of course customizability.

On the higher end, and this is more for professional gamers and serious streamers you can easily spend over $3500.

This is because when you are purchasing a gaming computer you have to worry about monitor resolution, click speed on your mouse, stickiness of your keyboard, custom key mapping and more. Just the monitors, keyboards and mice for a higher end gaming computer could easily cost up to $1500.00 with all the different variations of everything.

Could you spend less? Of course you could and most people do. You can pick up a couple monitors from a pawn shop, buy a couple keyboards and mice online that are a lower tier then the more precise ones and then spend only a few hundred dollars on your gaming desktop. Cyber power has a decent build starting as low as about $500.00 and it's actually a really good build.

That being said if you want a bit more power cyber power actually makes a multitude of different builds and if you want something even higher tier and more money to spare you can start looking at alienware and msi builds, which can easily run you over $5000.00 for your new desktop computer. Want our suggestion? for a budget friendly gaming computer go with the cyber power computers for this. walmart pc customer

How much is a new computer at Walmart in 2023

As you know, Walmart has everything from toilet paper, to gas, to computers. You won't find the best deals on a computer at Walmart and you surely will not find the most power at Walmart. Walmart sells decent computers for most people.

s We would not suggest a Walmart computer for a serious professional, software engineer, photographer etc. For professionals you will need to shop elsewhere. For students, bloggers and for a computer you will use for work and maybe some casual gaming, then a Walmart computer will more then likely work out well for you.

But again, you won't find the best deals here. The general price for a computer at Walmart will generally range in the $150 - $500.00 range, with a few computers costing a bit more or less as a general rule of thumb. When we buy equipment from Walmart what we like is their refund policy. You can generally take your computer back to Walmart with-in 15 days of purchasing the item as long as you have your receipt. student thinking

New PC cost: Recap

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Now, let's recap in generally you can expect to spend under a thousand dollars on a new computer, laptops are obviously cheaper and prices will vary greatly depending on what you will be using your new desktop or laptop computer.