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Computer repair services are a common occurance in this repair shop. We comprised a list of the most common computer fixes that end up in our computer repair shop

Laptop Screen repair

Thousands of people search for "laptop screen repair near me" every month. So you can be certain that this laptop repair shop, handles these as well as tablet screen repairs all the time! Finding a computer repair store near you to help fix your broken laptop does not need to be difficult. Although, This computer service can be expensive, costing anywhere from 300-500 dollars for a computer technician to fix your laptop screen. The price does depend somewhat on how expensive the parts for your broken laptop screen are. If the parts are cheaper then obviously fixing your laptop screen will be a more affordable fix. However, labor alone for this type of repair can be at least $200.00. This can be very expensive for the average consumer. Luckily, we have comprised a shortlist of how you can prevent this type of problem with your laptop so you may not end up in our computer repair shop.

  • Close your laptop when you are done using it.
  • Close it carefully
  • Only put your computer on desks and tables vs beds and sofas

Ram upgrade

Upgrading your ram on your laptop or desktop can sometimes be a rather expensive endeavor, especially if you need to hire a pc repair company. Often this repair can cost you anywhere from 200-300 depending on how expensive the ram is for your laptop.

Non starting computer

This is a super common issue in laptops or desktops. Often this can be fixed by just turning off the pc for a couple of hours. Sometimes even in 2021, your pc or desktop can overheat, and sometimes that can cause it just to turn off. Other times you could have some raid issues and might need a new hard drive. Other times there can be more possibilities. If so give us a call or reach out to a computer repair service provider in your area. That being said, let's talk about how we can prevent this.

  • Please Turn off your pc when you are not using it.
  • Don't let dust get into your pc, or use a can of air every couple of months.
  • Keep your laptop or desktop in well-ventilated areas.
  • Please don't move your laptop or desktop too much while it is on.
  • Use a USPS or a backup battery to prevent unwanted power surges damaging your hard drive or motherboard.

Keboard fixes

Sometimes a faulty keyboard can be the most annoying thing to deal with. Often a firmware update or updating the ease of access can fix this. There are not too many ways to prevent this. Just be careful with your laptop and don't eat by it. Also, avoid setting anything on top of your computer. If you follow these steps you probably won't end up in a computer repair store as often as others. Make sure to call your local computer shops to figure out their price for this computer fix. Getting computer help from your local computer doctor does not have to be difficult.

Virus removal unwanted ads

Computer Security image

Usually, this is caused by accepting permissions from software that may overreach to generate ad revenue.

Printer issues

image of a computer and a printer

Printer issues often are caused by paper jams, faulty or empty cartridges, or out-of-date firmware. The simple fix is to keep your cartridges updated and set auto-updates.

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