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San Antonio Computer Repair service is the best computer repair shop in San Antonio. We provide fast, reliable computer repairs, computer repair parts, and computer accessories.

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Key Features

San Antonio Computer Repair key features are what allow us to provide the best possible Computer Repair service.

Fast Computer Repairs

Most Laptop and desktop repairs are done in under an hour.


Our Coputer repair shop has been doing pc repairs for over a decade. We do everything from laptop screen repairs to fixing your laptops hard drive.


This Computer Repair company does not work in mysterious ways. Our Computer Repair service solves your problems in a timely, professional manner.

Courteous and Reliable

Along with our other services, we will keep you updated, be communicative, and most importantly, get the job done right the first time every time.

Laptop Repair

You will not get this kind of computer repair service anywhere else. Not only is our laptop repair service affordable, but it is also guaranteed, or you don't pay anything.

  • Speed optimization + BSCOD repairs + battery issue repairs
  • Laptop upgrades + virus removal
  • Laptop screen replacement
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Screen Repairs in San Antonio

We provide laptop, phone and tablet screen repairs in San Antonio to Apple and Android users

  • Samsung screen repair + Iphone screen repairs
  • Local repairs - Drop off only due to Covid-19
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Reliable Computer Accesories
+ Computer Parts

Trusted logistics, fast shipping, quality pc parts and accessories

  • Reliable computers and parts for professionals - more and, more people are working from home. Sourcing quality affordable computers have become more and more necessary in today's climate.
  • Fast shipping for urgent needs
  • Quick computer repairs for busy professionals

Our Computer Repair Rates

Start working with San Antonio's Computer repair the most trusted computer repair service in San Antonio.




Basic repairs

  • Virus removal
  • OS upgrades
  • HDD / SDD replacement
  • RAM upgrades



PC unlocks

  • Password reset
  • OS re-installation
  • Screen replacement


$75.00 every two weeks

Rental pc during repair

  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Easy