Is my computer worth fixing in 2023?

Is your pc worh fixing in 2023? It's a good question, especially with this years inflation, layoffs, and rumors of recessions. Currently there are over 100 million computers running windows 7 According to the verge. That means right now, there are over a 100 million unsecure devices that if applicable should upgrade to windows 11.

Date Published: 2021-10-09
Date Modified: 2023-02-14

Is my computer worth repairing? Currently there are over 100 million computers running windows 7 According to the verge. That means right now, there are over a 100 million unsecure devices that if applicable should upgrade to windows 11.

If your current computer can run the curent industry standards, then we would presume that 9/10 your computer is worth fixing. For further inspection give us a call for a free quote. The current standard for Random Access Memory or RAM is DDR4 with DDR5 just around the corner. Also the current standard for hard drives is NVME. Which is about as thin as a peice of cardboard and can hold Terabytes of storage.

That being said, if your current computer does not meet any of these standards we can upgrade your computer for you. Additionally, not meeting these standards does not necesarily mean you should toss your computer, get a repair or even Purchase one of our computers or parts from our store. What matters most is if your computer meets your needs. You decide if your computer is worth fixing based off of your current computer needs.

Is my pc unrepairable?

In some instances, we find that there are a certain number of laptops or desktops that are simply not worth repairning. For instance if you need laptop screen replacement in San Antonio, you will find that often, some parts are propietory or not available. This is rare however, it does happen especially with older laptops that need screen replacements. In this instance it is often the older computers where the manufacturer does not allow for particular computer upgrades such as Random Access Memory storage, Hard drive upgrades, video card upgrades or video output upgrades. More often then not, the main deciding factor is the motherboard on your computer and it's limitations.

Consider inflation prices of a new pc

in todays market, we have to discuss the elephant in the room. Inflation. Let's get real for a second, will repairing your computer be a reasonable decision when faced with inflation prices of new computers? In today's market a pc repair is actually the best decision for many people, especially as people go remote, and stay remote. Not all companies provide their employees with equipment, and that's where it's important to consider the cost of repairs and if these repairs will work to future proof your pc, to stave off the cost of inflation, and save, plus make you money in todays market. there is obviously a lot to consider in 2023. So take your time and know we are here to help.

Comparing the cost of a new Laptop vs fixing my old Laptop

Our cheapest laptop we offer starts at $249.99 usd, boasts an impressive 8gb DDR3 RAM, wireless capabilities, 64gb of mmmc storage and runs windows 10. This is a relatively inexpensive laptop targeted towards individuals in school.

If you find your laptop does not meet these basic requiremnts then you may consider just buying one of our laptops as an upgrade. However, if your laptop does not meet these standards and has upgradable storage, ram then we can provide you with even better upgrades for a slightly higher price. So in this instance, an upgrade or a repair is probably your best bet. That being said some repairs such as a laptop screen replacement in San Antonio might not be worth the cost as often times a new screen can cost hundreds of dollars whereas a new laptop could be a cheaper option vs pc repair in San Antonio.

If you have a computer or a laptop that you don't use much or only use it for particular tasks and just need a virus removed, the computer does not start or is not locked..

it would actually make sense just to repair it, as the life span of that computer is probably very good, So replacing it could be much more expensive. In any case, you can always call for a free quote or get an idea of our prices here.